Quadra Island Recreation

There are many activities you could do while on Quadra Island. You just need to know where to look. When you first arrive on Quadra there is a tourist information booth directly up the hill from the ferry in the Coastal Community Credit Union parking lot. There you can get some good tips on where you might want to start your Quadra Island adventures, they also have copies of recreational maps for hiking or the many bike trails. For now, here are a few ideas of activities you could partake in while here on the island.


Bring your own bike or rent. This is a great alternative to getting around as it slows down your commute around the island and allows you more time to stop and smell the roses. Many trails are also bike accessible.


Get out there and explore either the sea, the lakes, or both.  Quadra has several tour guide operators who are more than willing to take you out on an adventure for a few hours or even an overnight stay. With several lakes in the north, which even include some portaging trails or the many small islands, bays, and inlets along the coast, there is much to explore on the water.


Opening in 2012, the Quadra Island Golf course is a beautiful 9 hole course that overlooks the Sutil Channel and the far off mountains on the mainland of BC. The length of the entire course is 3,219 yards with plenty of uphill and downhill challenges.  No matter your level of experience this is a great course for all. The course also features a 240-yard driving range. Rentals such as clubs and golf carts are also available. Please check out the Quadra Island Golf website for more.

Farmers/Craft Market

The summertime provides a great experience to visit the islands Saturday Market which goes from 10-2 beside the Credit Union Quadra in Quathiaski Cove. There you will find fresh garden produce and fruits, home baked goodies, eclectic variety of crafts people, massage and local musicians playing makes for a festival atmosphere that embodies our friendly nature here on Quadra Island.

Artisan Studios

We also are resident to some internationally and locally acclaimed artists in many disciplines. The annual June Studio tour is a highlight but many artists also have tours and sales available in their studios. In addition there are fabulous art galleries in both the Cove, the Bay and at the various resorts.


The Southend Farm Winery is located on the southeast corner of Quadra called Francisco Point. Wine tasting and sales are available and in the summer special events with live music and additional food sales are exceptional.


In the Cape Mudge Village home to the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre is the museum that has the regalia and art of the We Wai Kai First Nations . The central portion of the exhibit is the previously government confiscated items when the Potlatch was outlawed.


Fishing on Quadra Island or Campbell River is one of our biggest claims to fame. Some people may know of Campbell River as the Salmon Capital of the World. There are many local guides on the island that are more than ready to take you out and explore the waters in search of that big catch.


The majority of Quadra’s landscape is covered with forests which allows for many trails to explore. There are many trails in the south of Quadra such as the community centre trails or Rebecca spit. Then for those that are more adventurous you may head up north to the quadra lake trails or hike up Chinese mountain for some gorgeous views.

For more info on the hiking trails on Quadra Island please check out www.quadraisland.ca/adventure-recreation-tours/hiking_trails/ or https://quadraislandtrails.ca/.

Wildlife Tours

Quadra Island is surrounded by many gorgeous views. All you have to do is get out there and take a look. You will see the many mountains far off on the mainland or on Vancouver Island, which is beautiful during the winter season when they have snow. There are many large islands and little islets that can be explored. There is also a very diverse set of wildlife that call Quadra Island home such as bald eagles, bears, deer, herons, porpoises, seals, sea lions and more. If you travel a bit further off of Quadra Island you may even get to see a grizzly. Orcas, dolphins, and humpback whales.